Top Ways to Promote Tree Health

June 5th, 2023

Tree Health Care

Tree health care is very important because healthy trees have more resistance to insects, diseases, & drought. Here are some tips for healthier trees: 1. Fertilize your trees. 2. Mulch around your trees to eliminate competition from surrounding turf & other plantings. 3. During drought periods, water your trees entire root zone at least 3 hours per week. 4. Have your trees pruned regularly, as directed, by a certified arborist.

Insect Control

We perform soil applied, basal drenches & soil injections with systemic insecticides to treat insect problems such as Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Bronze birch borer, ash plant bug, ash flower gall, gypsy moth, Japanese beetles, aphids, leafhoppers, caterpillars, mites, gall insects,& an array of other sucking insects, defoliators, & borers. Basal drenches can be done without any spraying or wounding of the tree. Timing is critical for applying insecticides. NOTE: In regards to Emerald Ash Borer, preventative tree health care is crucial in treating your ash trees. That is the best defense.


We use a process called macro-infusion at the base of the tree to protect your trees from diseases such as Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm’s disease, & Sycamore/Ash Anthranose. These treatments can deliver up to 3 years of protection. Timing of these treatments are critical. We apply fungicide treatments to trees with other common diseases such as apple scab, rhizosphaera, fire blight, cytospora canker, & others. Timing of these treatments is critical as well. More…

Other Disorders

We use a process called macro-infusion at the base of the tree to treat trees w/ chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves from a mineral deficiency or from root system health). Results from this treatment can last up to 3 years. You will have a healthier, greener tree (you will definitely see the results). We perform soil applied, basal drenches to apply growth regulators to trees. Growth regulators are used to achieve the following: 1. To slow the growth of a tree that is in a confined area, 2. To slow the growth of a tree that is close to a building, driveway, or deck. 3. They can also be used to help stabilize declining trees or trees with injured root systems by encouraging root growth. Other tree disorders could be caused from things such as girdling roots, herbicide drifting, & salt, animal, or winter damages.

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