Preventative Care

Preventative Treatments

From trimming to injections and pesticide applications

When it comes to our trees, their health should never be overlooked. 

Preventive treatments are used to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and prevent safety concerns like falling branches or the spread of disease and pests.

In addition to regular watering and mulching that you can provide, we can provide services like pruning and trimming to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

We can also do preventative treatments to greatly reduce the chance of insect infestations. We can also treat your trees to help prevent infection from many of the common tree diseases that affect trees right here in Wisconsin.

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Preventative Tree Care Saves You Money

Similar to investing in your well-being to prevent exorbitant medical bills, taking care of your landscape and proactively addressing issues can spare you from more costly problems in the future. Regular maintenance and nurturing of your trees and plants prove to be more economical compared to dealing with severe insect infestations, advanced diseases, and the expenses associated with removing and replacing dead or dying trees.

Strategically positioning trees can also lead to reduced energy costs. Shade trees offer natural cooling during summer, while conifer trees serve as a shield against winter winds.

Furthermore, properly maintained and healthy trees contribute to increased property values. If you have plans to sell your home, ensuring the well-being of your plants and landscape will yield fruitful returns.

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